Why You Shouldn’t Stream TV

Stream all your TV entertainment over the internet they said, it will be great they said!  What could possibly go wrong?

Nothing…. IF….. you live in a major metroplex with bandwidth for days.  Let me explain.

Everything in your world is being more connected.  The more connections, the more data is required.  At some point, bandwidth becomes king.  Without enough bandwidth all the connections shut down.   We are starting to find that every device today needs, not wants, to connect to the internet.  I know it sounds insane that your refrigerator, toaster, garage door opener, light bulbs, vacuum, sprinklers, and curtains need access to the internet but that is exactly what is happening.  Its called IoT or the “Internet of Things” and its real.

I want you to look at all these things and tell me what they have in common:

  • Listening to the radio for 14 hours
  • Watching one HD 30 minute television show
  • Watching a movie in standard definition
  • 500 pages of internet browsing
  • Being attached to your favorite social media site for an hour
  • Reading 3,000 average size books

All the above things use about a “Gig” of data.

When you stream television content what happens?  You use LOTS of bandwidth.  Wait a minute, you’re telling me that to watch an average HD movie on my favorite streaming service, it will take me 3 Gigs of data?  Yep.  I could have stacked up 9,000ish books for the same data?  Yep.  Wow, that’s a lot of books.  Yep.

See entertainment is become more immersive.  We want the clearest picture, the biggest sound, so that’s what producers are making; bigger, clearer, brighter, and well soundier.  All those “er’s” add data to the content, and no you cant just choose to get it with less “er’s”.  Watch a HD movie in standard def on your TV and tell me if you can even make out the images, and its only getting more with 4k and now HDR.

So what should you do if you don’t live in a major metroplex?  Well, there are two options, buy bandwidth or change how you get entertainment.

Ok, what do you mean?

I have seen people who refuse to do ANYTHING but stream video content and they spend hundreds of dollars every month to do it.  Sound crazy?  Streaming was supposed to be cheaper right?  That’s the lure right?  Well, let’s look.

First you have your internet connect at about….$65 a month (wait you can’t include that, I’d have internet anyway).  Yes you would so lets take that out.  But the ADDITIONAL bandwidth for the 5+ hours of TV the AVERAGE American watches will add up quickly remember?  Let’s assume you’re waaaaaay below average in this category and say an hour of TV.  Well, that’s still 60 Gigs a month for 1 Television!  And heaven forbid you’re like me and television makes you fall asleep like a tranquilizer dart and it stays on all night.  So lets say we’re going to add $60 for data, sound fair?

And lets add the cost of those streaming services in… most people according to national reporting have no less that 3 different streaming services with an average cost of $10 each so, $30 for content.

Wait a minute, you’re telling me that it actually costs $90 a month for me to be super restrictive in what I watch on television, I cant really watch live TV, and that’s only for 1 Television and that’s if I monitor my usage and don’t go over and don’t use the internet for anything else?  What about the IoT you started this conversation with?


So What do you do?  Well, you do the same thing you would do in any other area of life.  If the highway near your house is backed up with gridlock traffic for miles to see in front of you, do you get on the on-ramp and get ready to “enjoy” hours of windshield time?  No!  You do what any sane person would do and think of different way to get down the road.  You remember this old road that no one uses anymore, so you hit the blinker and go down the “old road” to find its been repaved, and there isn’t much traffic on it and you bypass the highway and its gridlock traffic…. Right?  Do the same thing with television and entertainment content.  Television providers have dropped their rates, improved customer service and technology, and have tried to fight the battle to win customers back. Yes, they have repaved the road.

But, its more expensive!

I can assure you that we can find you a good television package for the ENTIRE house, not just one TV for that same $90 or less, that means everyone in the house can watch tv, social media until they aren’t social anymore, and let that dog bowl connect to the internet like it wants (yes that really is a thing, don’t believe me?  Look it up…. And now you are down to 498 pages remaining in that Gig.)

We aren’t trying to sell you tv entertainment, you will buy it from someone anyway, we are suggesting maybe looking at that “old road” again isn’t as foolish as the people living in major metroplexes would have you believe.  You don’t see eye to eye with them anyway, if you did, you’d be neighbors………

We can help you.  Call, text, write, almost anything except smoke signals and we will work on getting you a television service that meets your needs and wont break the bank.


Mark M

President – Elite Electronics / www.IWantFasterInternet.com